*** PLEASE take the time to read ALL the content below BEFORE contacting us about our puppies! ***
It is vital for you to gain a good understanding of our basic requirements and whether we’ll be the right fit for one another.

Please note that we choose NOT to respond to ‘broadcast’ puppy enquiries and/or any other form of contact (sms, email, facebook etc) where a puppy is sought after as a surprise or gift on behalf of a family member, friend, spouse etc.


At Filigrigold, we invest a great deal of forethought and research into each litter to ensure we produce structurally sound Goldens that are versatile companion dogs, true to classic type, and portray the hallmark kind, loving and biddable nature Goldens are so well known.

Our puppies are quite literally extensions of our own family and we highly regard our duty of care to each and every one of them, and we expect you to do the same. Golden Retrievers have a lifespan of 15-17 years, so when we entrust you with one of our puppies, we expect you to be certain that you are ready, willing and able to commit the next 15-17 years to your new family member.

There is a process involved in acquiring one of our puppies and it begins with our Puppy Questionnaire (available via email request). This questionnaire is not an application and submitting it does not result in an automatic placement on our waiting list. The purpose of the questionnaire is to assist us in getting to know you better and establish your compatibility with one of our puppies and their compatibility with you. This then enables us to discuss a puppy with you that best matches your individual needs, lifestyle and expectations. Please consider this before contacting us because if you are not prepared to complete the Questionnaire prior to discussing a puppy then we will not be able to assist you with a puppy.

Many folk presume that they can ‘choose their own puppy’ from a litter however this is not the case based on twofold rationale:-

  1. when we breed it is to retain a puppy for our own breeding program therefore our ‘keeper’ pup and show pups are selected first
  2. we are naturally more skilled in helping to compatibly match puppies and families from many years of successfully doing so.

Accordingly, regular assessments of the puppies occur from birth onward. At six weeks of age each puppy is temperament tested. At eight weeks each puppy’s conformation is assessed, and it is at this juncture that our own final selections are made. We then reassess the remaining pups, paying particular attention to individual personality and temperament, to ensure we match each puppy with his/her most suitable family.

Our puppies are well socialized and are raised in our home in a family environment. They are exposed to common household noise, sights and sounds and handled on a daily basis. Puppies are ready to leave for their new homes between 9 – 10 weeks of age. All puppies are wormed every two weeks from birth. Prior to leaving our care all puppies are vet checked, wormed, receive their first C3 vaccination and microchipped. Puppies come with a Puppy Care Pack including food samples and six weeks free Pet Insurance with PetPlan. Each puppy also comes with his/her own comprehensive Puppy Portfolio containing puppy’s pedigree, parents health certificates, information sheets and resources covering health care, training and exercise, diet and nutrition sheets. Additionally, guidance and support is readily available for the lifetime of each and every one of our puppies – we are only a phone call or email away.

Our puppies will be registered on the Limited Register only with Dogs Queensland (show puppy enquiries will only be considered from ANKC members who have a registered kennel prefix).