Butter Scotch Collie Flowers (200g)




Butter Scotch Collie Flowers (200g)

A whisker wiggling, tail wagging, sweet ‘n’ savoury snack too scrumpdillyumptious to resist! This funloving flavoursome biscuit is sure to tickle any mutts tastebuds with a mishmash of heavenly honeyed cauliflower and sweetly spiced pumpkin, a Schipperke’s swirl of buttermilk, a puppy’s paw of peanut butter, then topped off with a tails toss of sassy sesame seeds. Will you join us for some High Tail this afternoon (erm, we meant High Tea)?

Ingredients: Gluten free flour blend , pumpkin, cauliflower, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, free-range whole eggs, unsweetened applesauce, manuka honey, 100% peanut butter, low-fat buttermilk powder, millet flakes, pumpkin seed meal, sesame seeds, ground spices, parsley, garlic powder