We hope you have enjoyed visiting our website. If you would like to share any comments about your time here on our website please drop them below in our Guest Book. It’s always lovely to hear  how folks found us, if you grew up with a Golden/s, or the first Golden you met, or what made you fall in love with Golden Retrievers!

If you are a Filigrigold puppy owner already, we hope you pop in and say hi, and share a few words about how you found your visit with us on Puppy Family Day, meeting our Golden family, and of course your very own Fili baby. We hope you found your puppy journey with us one that you will treasure forever. 

Warmest regards,
Samara, Robert & our Golden Fili family

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Guestbook — 5 Comments

  1. What gorgeous dogs and their puppies. Your girls and boys are just adorable. Loved looking at all the pictures and the little ones as well.

  2. Awww your dogs are stunning! I adore Golden Retrievers. We had our Saxon Bear for 14 years and I miss him every day. I’m hoping to bring another golden into our family when the time is right.
    Your site is very informative particularly the health section and growth plates, which is so important to know.
    Hopefully one day I’ll contact you to see if I can bring one of your gorgeous girls into our home! ( I already have a name picked out hahaha)

  3. We picked up our boy Theo almost two years ago and it was an excellent experience. Filigrigold do an incredible job raising their pups and they are careful in selecting families who are ready to take on the job of raising a dog. Theo was crate trained before we picked him up, which helped a lot with getting him comfortable in his new home and into a good sleeping pattern. We always get comments on how handsome he is, whether it is from his vet or a stranger in the street. When the time comes to get a second, we will definitely be returning to Filigrigold!

  4. Our family struggles to find the words to let Samara and Rob at Filigrigold know just how grateful we are for the goldens they have added to our family. Our girls Maddie and Maisie, at age 6 years old and nearly 3 years old, are the most gentle-natured, affectionate, incredibly intelligent and trainable golden retrievers we could have ever hoped for.

    In addition to breeding and raising such beautiful puppies, Sam has always been on the end of oh-so-many phone calls and messages I have made to answer questions and provide support, and her hints on ‘golden whispering’ and training have been absolutely invaluable. This is a service we didn’t even know we would be receiving when we purchased our goldens from Samara and Rob, but boy are we grateful for it. This support has helped us raise well-rounded, social goldens that are just so much fun to be around.

    One day we’ll find the right words to let them know just what it means that they entrusted our little blondies to us after raising them so well as puppies. “Thank you” just doesn’t seem adequate. We can’t recommend them as a breeder highly enough.

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